Krasnogorov’s name is well acclaimed by theater-goers in Russia and all over the world. His plays Let’s Have Sex!, The Dog, Small Tragedies, The Delights of Adultery, Somebody Must Leave, Now or Never, Love Medicine, Several Hours From the Lifes of a Man and a Woman, That Weak Gentle Sex, The Bride’s Room, A Cruel Lesson, etc. are well received by both critics and audience. As of today, 35 plays authored by him have been performed in more than 400 theaters. «One Passion and Four Walls», Krasnogorov’s book on the essence of drama, earned praise of notable theater figures. He is the founder and first president of the Dramatists Guild of St.-Petersburg.

The mastery of the playwright spans a wide range of unique talents and superb skills. The combination of biting satire, a keen sense of humor, the art of grotesque and absurd, tender lyricism, and a deep appreciation of the human nature makes Krasnogorov’s theater pieces so sought-after, so delightful and delicious. The conflicts in his plays are set off by his style of easy yet brilliant dialogue, lively dynamics, and intensive action. The author uses witty plots and paradoxical situations to involve readers and audiences into the world created by his imagination.

Krasnogorov’s plays have been directed by many prominent theater directors, such as Georgy Tovstonogov, Lev Dodin, and Roman Viktyuk. His plays are held in the permanent repertoire of many theaters and some have already been played several hundreds times. They are always enthusiastically received by audiences. Critics note that «Krasnogorov’s plays cross borders easily». Many of them have been translated into foreign languages and performed in the US,  Australia, India, Germany, Poland, Romania, Montenegro, Mongolia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, etc. These plays have received numerous awards for the best drama  at various international theater festivals.

Apart from drama, Valentin Krasnogorov has written novellas, short stories, and essays. His biography is included in «Marquis Who’s Who in the World» (USA), «International Who’s Who of Intellectuals»(Cambridge, England), etc.




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